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2017 CT Golf Discount Pack

  • $20.00

2017 NFP Sports CT Golf Discount Pack

Back again, for the third consecutive year is our 2017 CT Golf Discount Pack! An NFP Sports favorite, this little gem is jam packed with 32 golf discounts to 15 awesome golf courses throughout CT! In addition, we had added a companion mobile application for iPhone and Android users.
Support junior golf, while saving money at local courses and add the convenience of our companion mobile app ad you'll be enjoying the full NFP Sports Golf Experience!

*We will ship your product(s) to you for only $1.95. However, you can obtain a coupon code for free shipping from our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ads (addresses below). Upon check out, simply select the student-athlete you wish to purchase from and they will receive credit for the sale. Please note, all online sales will be shipped from our office in Manchester, CT and will NOT be delivered by a student-athlete.


 As with all of our fundraising products, 50% of all sales go towards a participating sports program of your choice. Simply select your favorite team/organization and they will receive the funds from your purchase. 

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